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Scandal: in France investigates ministers’ participation in clandestine quarantine parties

In France, the police will check the veracity of information about the participation of several French ministers in underground parties in restaurants in Paris, which should be closed because of the imposed due to the pandemic COVID-19.

This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Interior Gerald Darmanin on Twitter.

He made this decision on the basis of a revealing report from such an event filmed by the French TV channel M6.

“After the M6 report, I asked the prefect of the Paris police to check the veracity of the reported facts so that, if they are confirmed, to prosecute the organizers and participants of these secret dinners,” Darmanin wrote.

The earlier M6 TV channel reported that a restaurant in an expensive district of Paris organizes clandestine parties at which neither waiters nor customers wear and do not observe the social distance.

In confirmation of this, a video from a private party attended by dozens of unmasked people, which was filmed by a hidden camera, was published.

The TV channel contacted one of the organizers of the party, who said that he had attended dinners in restaurants with a number of members of the French government.

It should be noted that the organizers of such parties face up to one year in jail and a fine of 15 thousand euros.

Recall that bars, cafes, and restaurants in actually do not work since late October because of the epidemic of coronavirus. And on March 31, President Emmanuel Macron announced the introduction of a curfew across the country from April 3 at 19:00.

We also reported that has banned gatherings in groups of more than six people because of the continuing rise of the disease.

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