Samsung has threatened users with blocking the smartphone camera

Samsung has threatened users with blocking the smartphone camera

The camera of a Samsung smartphone may be remotely disabled if it is unlocked. This is reported by the publication XDA Developers.

As noted by journalists, Samsung makes it more difficult to obtain superuser rights on its smartphones, which allow you to unlock some hidden-phone options. In the new generation, the devices of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 series were additionally protected using a special protocol. When root rights are activated, the phone warns the user that the device’s camera may turn off as a result of removing the lock.

Enthusiasts said that the Samsung Knox system, which is installed on most smartphones, tablets, and other devices of the brand, is responsible for this function. According to experts, if you try to remove the lock of the gadget, the system will threaten to disable a number of functions, including the camera. If you get root rights, Knox really stops running camera-related applications-both built-in and third-party.

The article says that many users who have removed the lock from their smartphones may not notice the warning from Samsung. In this case, they will probably be surprised to find a camera that is not working. If you reset the rights and settings of the phone to the factory state, the restrictions will be lifted.

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