Russia said the US was late warning of an airstrike in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the United States had warned the Russian military about impending strikes on Syria in just 4-5 minutes. He said this at a press conference on Friday, February 26.

“Our military was warned 4 or 5 minutes in advance. Of course, even if we talk about deconflicting, as is customary in between Russian and American servicemen, it does not give anything. This kind of notification when a strike is already being delivered,” Lavrov said.

He added: “This concerns the military side of the matter. But in no case should it be considered in isolation from the fact that the United States is in Syria illegally, in violation of all norms of international law, including the Council resolutions on a settlement in the Syrian Arab Republic.”

On the night of February 26, the US Air Force launched a strike on the infrastructure of Syrian armed groups supported by Iran in eastern Syria. According to media reports, 17 militants were killed in the attack.

The Pentagon said the strikes were authorized “in response to recent attacks on the US and international coalition personnel in Iraq and ongoing threats against this personnel.” Let us remind you that a few days ago the “green zone” of Baghdad, where, in particular, the US Embassy is located, was fired upon with rockets.

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