Russia reacted to new US sanctions against Nord Stream 2

The United States violates international law, the principles of fair and free trade, and engages in blatant unfair competition. So the new Washington sanctions against the construction of Nord Stream 2 were commented on by Moscow’s ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov in the official group of the diplomatic mission on Facebook.

According to him, the American authorities have long been trying by all means to prevent the implementation of the project. In particular, Washington is putting rough pressure on the members of the Nord Stream 2 consortium and threatening and its European partners interested in cooperation in the sector. In addition, the United States has adopted a number of legislative measures to prevent the completion of the pipeline.

The Russian ambassador added that the United States went beyond the bounds of decency in an attempt to achieve its narrowly opportunistic goals and does not take into account the opinions of its own allies. “All this is nothing more than the undisguised unfair competition. The desire to create an advantage for itself in the energy market of Europe, to force the countries of the region to buy American raw materials. In the end, there will be no winners in this adventure, ”Antonov concluded.

The US imposed new sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline under construction on January 19. They touched upon the pipelayer Fortuna, its owner, KBT-Rus, and the Rustanker company. Also, the ship “Maxim Gorky” fell under restrictive measures.

After that, the Swiss insurance company Zurich Insurance Group left the project. In addition to her, the project was abandoned by the German concern Bilfinger, which had several contracts with the pipeline operator, Nord Stream 2, and the Danish engineering company Ramboll. Norwegian DNV GL has refused to certify a pipeline from to Germany.

The Kremlin has already responded to new US sanctions against the pipeline. Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov recalled that the Russian side is still counting on the completion of the project.

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