Quarantine measures are being strengthened in Poland

The country records a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus patients, and does not plan to close the borders, but wants to introduce point restrictions.

In Poland, starting next week, quarantine in the red and yellow areas will be tightened due to a sharp increase in coronavirus infection. This was stated by a representative of the Polish Ministry of Health Wojciech Andrusiewicz, reports on Friday, September 25.

“The Minister of Health will propose restrictions in the red and yellow areas and these restrictions are likely to appear soon. These will be restrictions regarding the possibility of meetings, contacts of people,” said Andrusewicz.

The agency continues to actively consult with experts on the future strategy to combat COVID-19. The quarantine will not be about closing borders but about spot-checking the spread of COVID-19 through restrictions in individual counties.

Andrusiewicz added that in the near future, the number of COVID-19 infections in Poland will increase due to the return of people to the normal rhythm of life after the summer vacations.

On the previous day, it was reported that in Poland, a record number of COVID infections per day. More than 20 thousand tests have been conducted in the country and more than a thousand cases of coronavirus have been detected, 25 people have died.

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