Quarantine Eased in Slovenia

In Slovenia, restrictions imposed earlier due to the  pandemic will be eased from February 15.

This is reported by RTV SLO.

The government decided to restore education in the junior and graduating classes. Students will also return to classes at higher education institutions.

However, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, only up to ten people will be able to attend classes.

From Monday, February 15th, restrictions on movement between municipalities and regions will be lifted.

Markets and shops will also be able to reopen.

According to the latest data, more than 177 thousand cases of  have been recorded in Slovenia. More than 160 thousand people have overcome the disease. More than 3.6 thousand people have died of complications caused by coronavirus infection.

At the same time, American epidemiologists have allowed people who have completed the full course of against coronavirus not to comply with after contact with an infected person or those suspected of having COVID-19.

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