Putin threatened the USA and the West

The Russian President announced a “quick, asymmetric and tough” response to any aggressive actions against his country

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued threats to countries that will decide on aggression against the Russian Federation, paraphrasing his famous statement that the enemies of the Russian Federation “just die”.

Addressing the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on April 21, Putin complained about the incessant “unfriendly actions against Russia” and the fact that his country “for any reason clings here and there for no reason.”

He did not specify what exactly he meant, but, obviously, the president is talking about the that were imposed on the Russian Federation because of the occupation of Crimea, aggression in eastern Ukraine, and interference in the electoral process of foreign states.

At the same time, Putin compared the United States and its allies to the characters of Rudyard Kipling’s fairy tale “Mowgli” — the tiger Sherkhan and the jackal Tabaki:

“Around them, just like around Sherkhan, there are all sorts of small Snuffles-howling to appease their overlord.”

Despite the Kremlin’s undisguised aggressive policy, the Russian president claims that his country does not want to “burn bridges even with those countries with which relations do not develop.”

“If someone perceives our good intentions as indifference or weakness and intends to finally burn or even blow up these bridges, they should know that Russia’s response will be swift, asymmetric, and tough. The organizers of any provocations that threaten the fundamental interests of our will regret their actions as they have not regretted anything for a long time,” Putin threatened.

He also advised other countries not to cross the “red line” in relation to but promised to independently establish it in each specific case.

Earlier this month, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov cynically called Ukraine a very unstable region and threatened that would take “measures to ensure its own security.”

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