Protesters in Belgium burn down police station after the death of a black migrant

Protesters in the Belgian Brussels burned the police station because of the death of a black migrant, who died after being detained by law enforcement officers. It is reported by the publication BX1.

It is noted that the demonstration was attended by about 400 people. The action began peacefully at first but then escalated into clashes with the police. Law enforcers were forced to use water cannons, while the protesters for their part threw stones at the police. In addition, several fires occurred, including one at the police station.

The were sparked by the death of a 23-year-old black migrant named Ibrahim on January 9. He tried to escape during a pandemic check, but he was caught. On the way to the station, the young man lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital, where he died. The protesters blame the police for the death of the migrant.

As a result of pogroms, as the head of the administration of the Brussels commune, Saint-Josse Emir Kir said on Twitter, more than 70 people were arrested. The protest is now over.

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