Poor fishermen found a dead whale and became Millionaires overnight

Poor Yemeni fishermen found dozens of kilograms of ambergris in the belly of a dead whale and became millionaires overnight. This is reported by the Emirati newspaper The National.

The carcass was spotted 30 kilometers from the coast. “The whale was very big —” says one of the fishermen. — We couldn’t take it, so we called all the fishermen in the area.” 37 people responded to their calls. Together, they dragged the dead whale to the beach and ripped open its belly. Inside there were 127 kilograms of ambergris.

The fishermen claim that they have received several offers from businessmen from various countries of the Persian Gulf who want to buy the find. One of the entrepreneurs promised that he would pay 45 thousand Saudi riyals (888 thousand rubles) for a kilogram of ambergris if its quality is high enough.

Armed guards were posted outside the house where the fishermen keep their find. A crowd has gathered nearby and numerous cars are parked. Some visitors expect to buy ambergris, the rest were attracted by the story of the poor, who fell on a sudden wealth.

Ambergris is a waxy substance that is secreted in the intestines of sperm whales. It is often referred to as” sperm whale vomit “or” floating gold”. It is usually used as a fixative in the production of perfumes and can be very expensive, depending on its age. The cost of ambergris on the international market reaches 40 thousand dollars per kilogram.

Earlier it was reported that two residents of the Indian city of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, were jailed while trying to sell seven kilograms of sperm whale vomit. They were going to illegally sell ambergris, convincing potential buyers that its use helps to increase libido.

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