Police violence against refugees in Paris

On Monday night, police liquidated one of the refugee camps in Paris. Videos in social networks show that the police used violence in the process. The footage also depicted attacks on journalists, as well as the fact that local deputies, who intended to follow the events, were not allowed into the camp. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin called the shots shocking. So what should he do now?

That’s what eyewitness videos are for!

L’Obs hopes that after the Home Secretary’s comment, the government will abandon its plans for a new security law:

“It’s disappointing that last Friday the ugly Article 24 of the Security Act was passed, making it very difficult to distribute photos of police officers during demonstrations. It’s a shame because a great lawyer spoke on Monday night and dealt a brilliant, clean, and flawless blow to the bill. What is the name of this lawyer? Gerald Darmanen. … Will the photos that shocked Darmanen be able to convey to the government the tricky idea that was on the wrong track? … We can only hope that the chaos in Republic Square on Monday, November 23, will make us rethink what is happening.

Put an end to the inhumane treatment of people

The ugly treatment of refugees by France must end — and the signal must come from above — demands Taz correspondent in Paris Christine Longjenn:

“You can’t just get away with it, even if the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanen, known for his tough stance, simply portrays the horror of photographs. He must put an end to police violence! Police violence has been directed against refugees for years. After all, the government must provide migrants with housing, medical care, and adequate food. In July, the European Court of Human Rights criticized the inhuman and degrading living conditions’ of asylum seekers in France. And this is not the first time when international organizations condemn the situation with refugees in France. It is time for the government to react somehow!

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