Police disperse BLM activists in Belgium with water cannons and tear gas

In Belgium, police dispersed Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists participating in against “police violence” with water cannons and tear gas. This is reported by the RTBF TV channel.

During the clashes in the city of Liege, 11 policemen were injured and several dozen people were detained. In social networks, there were videos of skirmishes between law enforcement officers and residents of the city.

The authorities note that the participants of the rally staged pogroms. The protesters smashed McDonald’s in the city center and cars parked near it, smashed several transport stops, smashed shops and cars. Activists also broke windows in the police station and the city hall of Liege.

The protest actions in Belgium began after a video of the detention of a young girl of African descent by law enforcement officers “with the use of force” was distributed on the Internet.

In January, it was reported that the Black Olives Matter (BLM) movement was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. A similar initiative was made by a member of the Norwegian Parliament, Petter Eide. According to him, the movement has become an integral part of the “global struggle against racial discrimination” and has been able to attract interest in this topic around the world.

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