Poland was outraged by the revision of the price of Russian gas

In Poland, they were outraged by the request of Gazprom to revise the price of Russian gas. This was reported by the Polish concern PGNIG.

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According to the Polish company, Gazprom’s announcement of an upward price change is “unfounded” and “does not meet the formal requirements described in the Yamal contract.”

Earlier, PGNiG filed an application with a request to reduce the contract price for natural gas supplied to the country by Gazprom under the 1996 Yamal contract. In its application, the Polish concern recalls that, according to the terms of the Yamal Contract, any of the parties to the agreement has the right to call for a revision of the price terms of supplies, while the new price may come into effect three years after the next price change.

Now there is a gas supply agreement between Poland and Russia, according to which Moscow supplies Warsaw up to 10 billion cubic meters per year. The agreement expires in 2022, and the Polish side is not going to renew it. When the contract expires, Poland will exchange Russian gas for American gas.

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