Poland reinforces quarantine due to spike in COVID-19 infections

Including the introduction of the mandatory wearing of the mask on the street

The Government of Poland has decided to strengthen quarantine restrictions and introduce a new strategy to deal with persons diagnosed with COVID-19 coronavirus infection due to a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus infections in the last few days.

This was announced by Polish Health Minister Adam Niedzielski and Chief Sanitary Inspector Waldemar Kraska at a press conference in Warsaw.

Restrictions will primarily affect mass meetings: in the “green” zones, the number of participants in public events and weddings will be reduced from 150 to 100, in the “yellow” zones — from 100 to 75, and in the “red” zones — from 75 to 50.

In the “red” zones, restaurants and pubs will be banned after 22:00, and in the “yellow” zones, masks will be mandatory outside.

In addition, in Poland, starting next week, a new algorithm of actions for people infected with COVID-19 will be introduced — now the decision to isolate a patient will be able to make not only doctors of the infectious disease hospital, but also family doctors.

At the same time, Polish scientists have previously stated that they created the world’s first effective remedy for coronavirus infection based on the plasma of recovering people.

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