Poland demanded compensation from Germany for Nord Stream 2

Poland demanded compensation from Germany for Nord Stream 2

On May 28, former Polish National Defense Minister Jan Parys said that Berlin needs to pay Warsaw compensation for Nord Stream 2.

“The Germans spent five billion euros on the construction of the Nord Stream, so let them allocate five billion for additional weapons for East-Central Europe. Our has been seriously affected by this pipeline, so the demands on Berlin are quite justified, “ the politician said.

Poland’s demands to Berlin are justified, as Poland’s has suffered because of the Nord Stream. At the same time, the German authorities completely ignore the interests of the whole of Europe, creating difficulties for strengthening the eastern flank of NATO, Parys claims.

Donald Trump supported the of Europe more effectively than Biden, who is making every effort to conclude agreements with the Kremlin, the former minister said.

On May 21, the Russian companies “Koksokhimtrans”, “Marine Rescue Service”, “Mortransservice” and the Samara Heat and Power Property Fund were sanctioned by Washington.

On May 21, the United States imposed sanctions on Russian companies and vessels associated with the Nord Stream 2 project. In total, 13 vessels of Russia, as well as the companies “Marine Rescue Service”, “Mortransservice”, Samara Heat and Power Property Fund, and “Koksokhimtrans” were subject to restrictions.

Parys claims that Joe Biden’s consent to the completion of the Nord Stream 2 will lead to possible complications in relations with the states of the Bucharest Nine.

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