Poland asks the Czech Republic not to allow “abortion tourism”

Poland asks the Czech Republic not to allow " abortion tourism”

In the Czech Republic, they want to allow foreign women to have abortions, in Poland, they believe that this is done for the sake of Polish women.

Czech media published a letter from the Polish charge d’affaires in the Czech Republic, Antony Vega, addressed to the Czech Ministry of Health and the Foreign Ministry, which refers to the amendments to the law on abortion, which are now being considered by the upper house of the Czech Parliament.

The amendments to the legislation should regulate the conditions under which foreign women can have abortions in the Czech Republic, the portal reports Respekt. CZ.

Expressing respect for the sovereignty of the Czech Republic, the legislative process, and the opinion of the majority of Czech society regarding abortion, the diplomat adds: “but we also expect a similar attitude and respect for democratic processes and cultural values (in Poland) from the Czech Republic”.

The Polish diplomat is confident that this initiative will lead to the development of “abortion tourism” from Poland, where abortion is completely prohibited, to the Czech Republic.

“Therefore, we perceive it as a nuisance from the point of view of Czech-Polish if legislative proposals to legalize commercial abortion tourism are openly justified by the intention to circumvent Polish legislation protecting unborn human life,” he adds.

Polish Portal, I have already asked the Foreign Ministry to confirm the authenticity of this letter, but have not yet received a response.

Recall that at the beginning of 2021, abortion in became de facto completely prohibited. Since January 28, it is impossible to terminate a pregnancy on the territory of the country, even if the fetus has been diagnosed with severe and incurable pathologies.

Abortion remains legal only in cases of rape, incest, or threats to the health and life of the mother. This decision led to powerful in the country, which continue to this day.

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