People arrested in France who threatened a girl for speaking out about Islam

The girl in January 2020 spoke out sharply about Islam on Instagram, after which her family had to be protected by the police.

In France, law enforcement officers detained five people who threatened the death of an underage girl who spoke harshly about Islam on social networks a year ago. Reported by France24 / AFP on Tuesday 9 February.

The detainees are between 18 and 29 years old. They are suspected of online bullying and death threats.

It all began with an Instagram post by underage Mila in January 2020, where she spoke out sharply about Islam and called it a “dirty religion.” As a result, the girl’s family was taken under police protection due to threats.

Back then, even President commented on the case, stressing that freedom of speech in allows criticism of religions and cartoons related to religion, and children should be better protected from online bullying.

Then, in November 2020, a girl on TikTok made similar statements, after which she began to receive death threats. An has been launched into these facts.

We will remind, earlier the President of delivered an ultimatum to the Muslim leaders of France. Macron expected them to adopt a “charter of republican values” within 15 days. As a result, the leaders of the Council of Muslims of France adopted Macron’s charter. The document deals with the compatibility of Islam with the principles of the Republic, the unacceptability of the use of religion in politics, and the principle of gender equality.

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