PCR tests for COVID-19 will be free in the Czech Republic in the summer

PCR tests for COVID-19 will be free in the Czech Republic in the summer

At this time, all residents of the Czech Republic are required to donate blood for  before and after returning from vacation, if he is or was abroad.

The Czech authorities intend to make PCR tests for free for residents of the country during the summer holidays. This was announced on Tuesday, May 18, by the Prime Minister of the republic Andrei Babish, who writes the portal Lidovky. CZ.

“We are considering doing free PCR tests between June and September. We don’t want people to have big expenses because of the coronavirus,” Babish said.

Currently, every resident of the country who wants to go abroad must take two tests — before leaving and after returning to the Czech Republic.

“The cost of each test is about 1,500 kronor (approximately $65). Thus, the average family of four will need to pass eight tests, which will have to spend 12 thousand crowns (about $520), “ the Czech portal calculates.

At the same time, the prime minister said that free testing is still only being discussed by the authorities and it has yet to be discussed in parliament, with local authorities, and with representatives of national insurance companies.

The day before, 1,126 new cases of  infection were detected in the Czech Republic, which was the best indicator for this day of the week since last September.

Recall, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Andrei Babis, called on the country’s law enforcement agencies to respond more harshly to violations of restrictions.

Babish also made a proposal to oblige large companies (more than 250 employees) to test all their employees for  infection.

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