Paris Hilton spoke out about the situation with Britney Spears

Britney’s longtime friend Paris Hilton was not indifferent to the singer’s attempts to free herself from the custody of her father.

In February, the documentary film Framing Britney Spears, dedicated to the #Free Britney movement and the legal proceedings between and her father Jamie Spears, who has been acting as the singer’s guardian since 2008, premiered. If you believe the rumors, strict custody conditions do not allow Britney to get married or have a child without Jamie’s consent, she is also prohibited from signing documents, making large purchases, and generally managing her finances.

The situation with #FreeBritney was commented on by Paris Hilton, who used to communicate closely with Britney. “I am sad for Britney because she is such a good person with a big heart. I just can’t imagine being so controlled. It’s not fair to be treated like a child, even though you’re an adult and have worked all your life to build your empire,” Paris says.

Hilton also noted that she knows firsthand how annoying the paparazzi can be. “There were times when photographers followed me all day, from the moment I left the house until I went to bed,” Paris recalls.

Last month, Hilton announced her engagement to businessman Carter Reum. The star is also preparing to become a mother: she used the procedure of in vitro fertilization, as this method can guarantee the birth of twins (a boy and a girl), which she so dreams of.

As for Britney, it is rumored that she would also like to start a family with her lover, fitness trainer Sam Asgari, but Jamie does not allow her to do this. Recently, Sam spoke sharply about the singer’s father: “It is important for people to understand that I have zero respect for a person who tries to control our relationship and constantly create new obstacles for us. I think Jamie is a complete jerk. I don’t want to go into details as I respect the right to privacy, but at the same time I didn’t come to this country to not be able to express my opinion,” Sam wrote.

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