Panic in British stores over increased quarantine

Panic was noticed in British stores due to the strengthening of rules and the worsening situation with the coronavirus. Reported by The Guardian.

It is noted that supermarkets have begun to impose restrictions due to increased demand for a number of products. Specifically, Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer, now allows a maximum of three packs of flour, pasta, toilet paper, and other essentials to be purchased. In addition, the network restricts online purchases of other goods, including rice and canned vegetables.

Residents of the country fear an imminent repetition of the lockdown — the country has the worst infection rates per day since the start of the pandemic.

Earlier in September, Prime Minister announced new rules that will be in effect for the next six months. He urged all those who can work from home to stop going to offices. In addition, in public places you must always wear masks, for non-compliance with this rule, the fine has been increased to 200 pounds sterling. Separate measures are designed to limit the number of people at weddings to 15 people. In this case, if the police fail to control the measures, the authorities will be able to resort to the help of the army. On September 18, Johnson admitted that the second wave of coronavirus infection is starting in the country.

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