Orban announced the severance of relations with the European People’s Party

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced a final break with the European People’s Party, whose faction on March 3 withdrew his party “Fidesz”.

Orban published this statement in a blog called “Samizdat”.

Orban stressed that “Fidesz” with its release showed disagreement with the fact that “the rights of Hungarian MEPs, and therefore Hungarian voters” will be limited to changes in the rules of the EPP.

He stated that Fidesz would like to return to the EPP, provided that the party is “a strong, democratic right-wing group that brings together centrists, conservatives and traditional Christian Democratic parties,” but recent events have closed that possibility.

“The EPP has finally become an appendage of the European left. In matters of migration, family values, and national sovereignty — in other words, the key issues of our time — there is no longer any difference between the EPP and the European left parties,” Orban said.

“Now we have a clear task. We — not the EPP — must build (an association) Democratic European right, which will become a home for European citizens who do not want migrants, multiculturalism, has not slipped into the LGBT madness that defend traditional Christian values of Europe, respect the sovereignty of nations, and see their nation not as part of the past, but as part of their future, “Viktor Orban says.

We will remind, on March 3, Viktor Orban announced the withdrawal of his party “Fidesz” from the largest faction of the European Parliament — the European People’s Party. This happened minutes after the EPP supported changes to its rules that would allow them to oust Fidesz from their ranks.

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