One of the world’s most-wanted drug lords arrested in the Netherlands

The Dutch police have detained one of the most wanted criminals in the world — the head of an Asian drug syndicate named Tse Chi Lop. This was reported by EUR News with reference to The Guardian.


The drug dealer was detained at the request of the Australian police, which is investigating drug trafficking in the Asia-Pacific region worth about $70 billion a year.

The man was detained at Schiphol Airport, which is near Amsterdam. It is reported that the detention took place without incident and now an extradition procedure is awaiting the man.

What is known about the detainee?

Tse Chi Lop is a Canadian citizen born in China. He is 57 years old. According to law enforcement officers, he heads a drug syndicate known as “Sam Gore” or “Company”.

The formation reportedly controls up to 40% of the methamphetamine market in the Asia-Pacific region. The cost of the Tse Chi Lop drug empire is estimated at over $20 billion. The man himself has been compared to the Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

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