Norway closes border for many visitors because of new strains of the coronavirus

announced Wednesday that it will close its borders to almost all non-residents to avoid the spread of new strains of the coronavirus.

This was reported by The Local.

“From midnight Thursday to Friday, will impose the strictest regulations in the territory since March 12. In practice, the border will be closed to everyone living in Norway,” Prime Minister Solberg said at the conference.

She added that there will be several exceptions, including for medical workers coming from and Finland and for people transporting goods. In addition, energy and defense workers, as well as foreign journalists, would not be subject to the restrictions.

However, the restrictions will apply to foreign athletes – as prepares to host an international ski race in the next few weeks.

The Scandinavian country, which is not a member of the European Union, intends to review these measures in two weeks.

Recall that the European Commission on Monday, Jan. 25, proposed tough new requirements for travelers entering the from outside the EU and updated the criteria that member states must consider when lifting restrictions.

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