Norway accuses Russia of the cyberattack on its parliament

The Russian Federation is behind the cyberattack on the Norwegian parliament in August, they claim in Norway and say that the incident affected “an important democratic institution.”

Russia is behind the hacker attack on the Norwegian parliament in August 2020. Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide stated this on Tuesday, October 13.

“This is a serious incident that affects our most important democratic institution. The security and intelligence services are closely cooperating in the national investigation of this incident. Based on the government’s information base, we believe that Russia is behind this activity,” the minister said.

The incident shows the importance of good security measures, the diplomat emphasized.

“Our growing use of digital solutions means that threats against us are also shifting to the digital plane. The government will continue its efforts to strengthen our digital security at the national level and strengthen international cooperation,” summed up Ine Eriksen Soreide.

As a reminder, in August hackers attacked the Norwegian parliament. Cybercriminals managed to the unauthorized download of some data, according to preliminary information from the Storting Secretariat.

Earlier, Norway expelled a Russian diplomat because of a spy scandal. The Russian has committed actions incompatible with his role and diplomatic status, according to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

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