Nicole Kidman told about complexes in adolescence…

53-year-old Nicole Kidman is one of the highest actresses in Hollywood, her height is 180 centimeters. The other day, the Oscar winner told about the complexes because of her growth. The star appeared on the cover of the British Glamour and gave a big interview to the publication.

I was a teenager who had a lot of fears… I was very tall and therefore very insecure. By the age of 13, I was 178 centimeters tall,

— said, Kidman.

However, over time, the actress learned to see the pluses where previously she had only seen the minuses. So, at the graduation Kidman distinguished herself by choosing an unconventional dress:

I was wearing a flopper dress of the 20s. I bought it in a vintage clothing store, I just liked its cut, it was black and white with beaded embroidery. There was no tulle or lush skirts. I remember getting a little drunk, which probably happens to many people at the graduation or other official event.

By the way, very soon will be the premiere of a new movie with a star. And I couldn’t help thinking about it in a conversation with a correspondent of the edition Kidman, because the picture is called “Graduation”.

On a plot, Broadway stars are directed to a small town in the state of Indiana. They go there to help a high school girl who was forbidden to go to prom at school because she wants to go there with her girlfriend. Kidman believes that this painting will help many parents to look at their children differently.

The point is that unconditional love will win everyone. It is important that parents tell their children that they are loved and that they must remain themselves in any situation. Parents must support their children in everything. This is the most important thing,

— she said.

Director Ryan Murphy explained to Entertainment Weekly that he wanted to make a classical musical adaptation when he took up the “Graduation” (“Graduation” debuted as a Broadway musical in 2018).

I wanted to do something in the spirit of the old musicals that I watched with my grandmother. I wanted to do something with charm and humor like “Singing in the rain”. It is a show business story. It is a look at the inner part of the movie world,

— he noted.

The movie will be available on Netflix from December 11. The main roles in it will play Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, James Corden, Kerry Washington, Ariana Debos, Andrew Rannells, and others.

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