New Israeli President elected

New Israeli President elected

The son of the sixth President of Israel, the chairman of the “Jewish Agency” Yitzhak Herzog was elected the 11th president of Israel.

The radio station “Gaalei IDF” reported that 87 parliamentarians voted for the Duke, and 26 for the winner of the Prize, Miriam Peretz.

“I congratulate Yitzhak Herzog on his election as President of the state and wish him great success on behalf of all the citizens of Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote on Twitter.

He also expressed gratitude to Miriam Peretz.

On Wednesday, the Knesset held an extraordinary special meeting dedicated to the elections, which were held by secret ballot. The parliamentarians, in alphabetical order, put a ballot paper with the name of the candidate in the ballot box, or, if someone decided to abstain, a blank sheet.

The swearing-in date will be announced later. The term of office of the current President Reuven Rivlin expires on July 9.

The term of the President of is seven years. The duties of the president here are ceremonial and formal, and the real power is concentrated in the hands of the Prime Minister.

In particular, the President opens the first meeting of the new Knesset, instructs a member of the Knesset to form a new government, accepts credentials from foreign ambassadors, and signs agreements and laws adopted by the Knesset.

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