Netflix to launch projects with the Obama family

Netflix will launch projects with the family of former US President Barack Obama: the production company of ex-president and his wife Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Productions will create several films and TV series. A message about this appeared on the streaming service website.

“Higher Ground Productions, the production company of Barack and Michelle Obama, have partnered with Netflix today to announce the development of several upcoming projects,” reads the text.

It is noted that these will be feature films, documentaries, as well as children’s and family films and series. All of these projects are at different stages of creation.

Among the joint projects of the Obama family and Netflix is a series for teenagers about an Indian girl working with the police undercover from a reservation. A series about national parks and wildlife, a science fiction film, and a picture about one of the first conquerors of Everest — Nepalese Tenzing Norgay is also being prepared. In addition, a film based on Mohsin Hamid’s book Exit West, in which the role is played by British actor Reese Ahmed, is being created as part of the collaboration.

Earlier, former US President Barack Obama included the movie “Dilda” by Russian director Kantemir Balagov in the list of his favorite films in 2020. In addition to Dylan, his top three favorites include the films Ma Rainey: Mother of the Blues by George Wolf and Bakurau by Juliano Dornel and Klebear Mendonza Filho. From the series, Obama noted “Better Call Saul”, “Queen’s Move” and “I Can Destroy You.”

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