NATO promises to combat manifestations of terrorism from Afghanistan

NATO promises to combat manifestations of terrorism from Afghanistan

foreign ministers promised at an extraordinary meeting on the situation in Afghanistan to fight manifestations of terrorism if they come from the Taliban-controlled country.

This is stated in the adopted ministerial statement.

“For the past twenty years, we have successfully deprived terrorists of a haven in Afghanistan, from where they could provoke attacks. We will not allow terrorists to threaten us. We remain committed to resolving and solidarity in the fight against terrorism,”  foreign ministers said in a statement.

The ministers described their immediate task as continuing the safe evacuation of their citizens, citizens of partner countries, and Afghans at risk from Kabul airport.

“We call on those in authority in Afghanistan to respect and facilitate their safe and orderly departure, including through Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul,” the statement said.

The ministers called on all parties in Afghanistan to work in good faith to establish an inclusive and representative government, including meaningful participation of women and minorities.

“Under the current circumstances, has ended all support for the Afghan authorities. Any future Afghan government must respect Afghanistan’s international obligations, protect the human rights of all Afghans, especially women, children, and minorities, uphold the rule of law, allow unhindered humanitarian access and ensure that Afghanistan never again becomes a haven for terrorists,” the ministers said.

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