NASA: moon landing postponed due to unprepared spacesuits

NASA: moon landing postponed due to unprepared spacesuits

The landing of U.S. astronauts has been postponed due to unprepared spacesuits, according to NASA’s Office of Inspector General.

“NASA’s current timetable is to have flightworthy xEMUs ready by November 2024, but the agency faces serious obstacles in meeting that goal,” the report said.

At issue are the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit series spacesuits being developed for the Artemis program, a new human mission to the moon.

“This schedule now includes a delay of about 20 months because of the planned development, verification, and testing of the spacesuits. The spacesuits will not be ready for flight until at least April 2025,” the report concludes.

Earlier, Jeff Bezos’s company criticized Elon Musk for his dangerous project to fly to the using a manned spacecraft Starship.

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