More than 35 million people in the world got COVID-19 disease

Most cases of coronavirus were registered in the USA, India, and Brazil. These same countries are leading in the number of deaths.

As of Monday morning, October 5, more than 35 million people in the world were infected with the coronavirus. This is confirmed by data from the Center for system research and engineering at Johns Hopkins University (USA).

Thus, all over the world 35 079, 152 people were infected with COVID-19, 24 429 024 of them recovered. The number of deaths has increased to 1 036 111 people.

The United States (7,420,971), India (6,549,373), Brazil (4,915,289), Russia (1,209,039), and Colombia, Peru, and Argentina remain the countries with the highest prevalence of coronavirus.

The greatest number of deaths among the countries of the world was registered in the USA (209 794), Brazil (146 352), India (101 782), Mexico (79 088), Great Britain (42 440), and Italy (35 986).

Earlier, in Britain, it was reported who will not be vaccinated against coronavirus. Less than half the country’s population will receive the vaccine.

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