More than 160 people were injured in the riots in Jerusalem

More than 160 people were injured in the riots in Jerusalem

The number of victims of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers in East Jerusalem has exceeded 160 people.

The Red Crescent said in a statement posted on that 163 people were injured in clashes near the al-Aqsa Mosque, in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and at the Damascus Gate.

According to the report, 83 victims were taken to a hospital in Jerusalem, while the rest received medical treatment on the spot.

Earlier it became known that on Friday, May 7, broke out on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which turned into clashes with the police. As a result, three policemen were injured. According to the Red Crescent, 13 Palestinians were also injured.

As reported, on the same day, also broke out in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, two participants were detained. The police received an order to disperse the protesters, the participants were given the opportunity to disperse, but they did not listen to the law enforcement officers. In this regard, the police were forced to use special means.

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