Merkel urged to end repression in Belarus

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed solidarity with the demonstrators in Belarus, for six months now they have been holding rallies demanding democracy and freedom.

She stated this in a Saturday video message, reports DW.

Merkel called on the leadership in Minsk to immediately end the repression and release political prisoners.

“The authorities (of Belarus) expect that the world will once again forget these courageous people. We must not allow this. Germany and the will continue to prosecute those responsible for human rights violations in Belarus, as we do in the case of EU sanctions, “Merkel said.

She recalled that Germany has already made it easier to obtain visas for Belarusian oppositionists and others who have been persecuted. Berlin also provides scholarships and supports independent media in Belarus.

At the same time, the Chancellor admitted that these actions would not allow resolving the conflict in Belarus.

It is impossible to resolve this conflict from the outside. But this help shows these courageous people that we are on their side, and we hear their voices just like it was six months ago, “Merkel said.

She reiterated that Germany and the EU did not recognize the results of last year’s August presidential in Belarus, because they were not democratic, free, and fair.

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