Merkel promised to extend quarantine in Germany…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised that the quarantine in the country will continue if the situation with the spread of coronavirus does not significantly change.

According to her, back in November, the German authorities said that the decisions would take effect if nothing changed significantly. “Today we have agreed on it again,” Merkel said.

At the same time, she said that in general, the situation with the coronavirus “will remain the same as it is now.” Merkel pointed out that so far the number of infected people is well above 50 per 100 thousand inhabitants. “We have to cut contacts. The virus will not allow itself to be deceived, it is with us, ” the Chancellor emphasized.

Earlier, Merkel announced the risk of a third wave of coronavirus. According to her, the number of new cases of infection in Germany has stabilized after November 2 in the country was introduced “soft lockdown”. However, officials warn that the situation could change at any moment. Merkel also spoke out against easing restrictive measures during the Christmas holidays.

On November 2, Germany introduced a strict quarantine due to an increase in cases of coronavirus infection. By order of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, restaurants, bars, cinemas, entertainment venues, fitness clubs, swimming pools, in particular, have been closed, and shops have been restricted. Residents of the country are prohibited from gathering in companies of more than ten people in public places.

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