Macron has declared battle to Islamism

French President Macron intends to strengthen the fight against radical Islamism in his country. Islamist separatism is what we need to fight,” the president said during a visit to the Le Mureau suburb of Paris. Among other things, the president stated the need to ban fundamentalist unions and associations that question the values of and do not respect its laws. Macron also stated his intention to fight against the formation of “ghettos” in cities and the need to “conquer” problem areas.

The task is not an easy one

As the El Pais newspaper notes, caution and tact are required here:

“The legislative initiative launched by French President Macron to combat Islamic extremism is an important initiative with very laudable goals. However, it also carries some risks. On the one hand, it is about ensuring that the principles of the rule of law applicable throughout the country — and that all citizens are protected by its values and instruments. On the other hand, it is necessary to make sure that the vesting of this intention in specific formulations does not lead to the stigmatization of certain groups of the population or increase anti-Islamic sentiment. The task of integrating the Muslim population is to some extent faced by many European countries, and therefore the French initiative is also of interest to them.

Islam with undercut wings

Yeni Safak, a conservative Islamic newspaper, does not hide his outrage at the French president’s plans to strengthen control over the country’s mosques and Muslim organizations:

“Macron believes that with the help of the laicism of the XIX century model he will be able to strengthen his republic. He wants the French state to penetrate into the pores of local Muslims — in their bodies, in what they eat and drink, in their clothes, language, and in what matters to them… Muslim existence and all aspects of it are subject to surveillance, control, disciplinary measures, and management. In this way, a Muslim finds himself doomed to submit to the classical preferences of the West: baptism — either exile or, as a new option of the post-modern era, Protestant Islam. This is Islam with its wings cut off and castrated soul. So there will be no consciousness, no will, and no personality left of Islam.

This is a denial of France!

Nicolas Bai, an Evoparliament deputy from the ultra-right National Union Party, writes in his article in Causeur that the interests of the French nation are loyal:

“Macron’s statements about the fight against ‘separatism’, which in reality means exclusively ‘Islamic separatism’, as he himself admitted during the press conference, should be taken seriously. It would be a mistake to dismiss them — or to limit themselves to discussing certain aspects of their implementation. It is a great pity that we are actually talking about recognizing and promoting a multicultural society in the first place. It is a society that would have nothing in common with the real but a name. And this denial of France will only strengthen the Islamist attacks. … The Republic that the Macron offers us — is not France — cannot become a bastion in the fight against separatism. On the contrary, it is paving the way for separatism.

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