Macron does not want new sanctions against Russia

Macron does not want new sanctions against Russia

The policy of sanctions, which the applies to Russia, is not effective for solving long-term problems.

French President Emmanuel Macron stated.

“We are approaching the limit of possibilities in the sanctions policy,” Macron said at a press conference following the May 25 EU summit.

According to him, in with Russia, the EU must combine dialogue and demandingness, and work out short-term and long-term strategies for developing relations with Russia.

“The path to European security lies through demanding discussions with Russia,” Macron argued.

The French president added that the report to be published after the EU summit in June will contain a proposed effective policy in with the Kremlin.

Recall that back in April Macron advocated “clear red lines” of the international community in with Russia, as well as sanctions for the “unacceptable behavior” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the same month, and Germany demanded an explanation from Moscow for the troop pulling to the Ukrainian border.

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