Lukashenko: Poland unleashed a border conflict

Lukashenko: Poland unleashed a border conflict

Unrecognized Belarusian president accused the Polish authorities of violating the state border of Belarus.

Poland unleashed a border with amid the incident with the migrants from Afghanistan. This was stated by President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who is not recognized by the European countries.

According to him, a few days ago Polish border guards detained a large group of migrants and forced them to return to the territory of under the threat of force.

“Naturally, they were going to Germany, they do not want to go to Belarus. Thus, Poland arranged a border on the border, violating the state border of Belarus,” Lukashenko explained.

He noted that the migrants have been in the neutral zone for “two or three days,” so Minsk will have to solve the problem somehow. “Deprived people. Today I have to think what to do with them,” he said.

Earlier, the Polish authorities decided to expand the fence on the border with and change the law on migration. The EU also wants to urgently change the rules for refugees.

It was also reported that Poland creates refugee camps on the border with Belarus. Two such facilities have already been opened in Biala Podlaska and Czerwony Bor.

It should be reminded that the migrant crisis on the border, artificially created by Alexander Lukashenko’s regime, is called a weapon of hybrid warfare in the European Union.

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