Jean-Claude Van Damme saved the life of a Chihuahua puppy

According to The Guardian, Belgian actor, Jean-Claude Van Damme decided to draw public attention to the fate of a three-month-old Chihuahua puppy “sentenced” to euthanasia due to problems with documents.

The actor posted on his page a post in which he spoke about the fate of a three-month-old dog named Raya, who was brought to from Bulgaria in September. However, it soon became clear that the animal’s passport was invalid, so the dog could not be issued.

Nor did the Norwegian officials return the puppy to Bulgaria, the country did not accept him back. As a result, the baby was in danger of being put to sleep.

“I ask, please, on the occasion of my 60th anniversary, change your mind … Mistake, incorrect paperwork … should not kill a little Chihuahua puppy,” the actor said in his video message, showing his own pet of the breed


As a result, everything ended well for Raya, the Bulgarian authorities accepted the dog, her documents will be reissued correctly, and she will go to her new owners.

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