Italy will impose a hard lockdown on Easter — banned from leaving the house

From 3 to 5 April, on Easter weekend, will introduce a nationwide lockdown. The country will restrict traffic and close many shops.

Reported by Reuters.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, authorities will ban Italians from leaving their homes. It will be possible to leave only for the purpose of work or for health reasons. In addition, stores that sell non-essential goods will be closed.

In addition, the draft decree says that restrictions will be increased in the yellow regions of from Monday. There, at this stage, traffic between cities will be strictly limited, and restaurants and bars will be closed.

It is expected that the decree on the lockdown will be adopted on March 12, at this stage, it is only a proposal.

Note that only on Thursday, March 11, registered almost 26 thousand new cases of and 373 deaths. Back in early March, the government tightened restrictions on red zones. There are closed not only bars, restaurants, shops and secondary schools but also primary schools. And residents are asked if possible, to be at home and not go anywhere.

Earlier, we reported that a Nigerian strain of was found in the Italian municipality of Brescia, which is similar to that detected in South Africa, but different from the British one.

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