Italy, Spain set sad records for deaths from COVID

Italy, Spain set sad records for deaths from COVID

In the Apennines, 34.5 thousand new cases of coronavirus were detected per day, in the Pyrenees — almost 22 thousand.

In Italy, over the past day, on November 4, 445 people died as a result of infection with coronavirus.

This is reported by the Italian media.

This is the highest in the country since April 23. In addition, it is reported that 34.5 thousand new cases of coronavirus have been identified in Italian territory over the past day.

Spanish health services also reported a record COVID-19 death rate per day during the second wave. Over the past 24 hours, 368 people have died in the country from the effects of coronavirus infection.

Almost 22,000 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Spain. The total number of cases of infection in the country during the pandemic reached 1.3 million.

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