Italy proposes to ban travel between regions for Christmas and New Year

In Italy, they propose to completely ban traffic between regions during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

According to Corriere Della Sera, this is stated in the draft decision on restrictions during the holiday season, which Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is to sign on December 3.

It is proposed to completely ban movement between regions for the period from December 20 to January 6.

Some of the government, including the prime minister, are proposing to leave certain exemptions for movement, but some regional leaders — along with the health minister — are calling for a total ban — out of fears that celebrating with relatives and friends will lead to a new wave of infections.

It is now assumed that with the onset of the “lockdown” period, the only exception to travel permits will be returned to permanent residence.

Those who plan to spend their holidays in country houses in another part of the country will need to arrive there in advance.

Possible exceptions include returning to family or visiting parents, including for students studying in other cities, in order to avoid large passenger traffic before the closure of regions.

In recent days, has mainly recorded 25-28 thousand infections per day, while the highest figure remains more than 40,000 on November 13.

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