Italy Investigates Threats to the Head of the Ministry of Health for His Support of Lockdown

Police in seized computers and other devices allegedly used by four Italians to send death threats and offensive emails to the country’s health minister to protest his strong stance on lockdown.

This was reported by AP.

Police said Friday that the emails were sent between October and January from foreign computer servers and contained threats of retaliation against Health Minister Roberto Speranza and his family, “including explicit death threats.”

Four Italians in four different Italian cities and between the ages of 35 and 55 were investigated for “escalating threats,” according to a statement from the Carabinieri.

Speranza is part of the camp of the “strict” Italian government, which favors severe restrictions to contain the spread of the virus.

His popularity in national polls was high throughout the pandemic. He was one of the few government ministers to keep his job after Mario Draghi became prime minister in February.

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