Italy has been unable to deal with an illegal rave party for thousands of people for five days

Italy has been unable to deal with an illegal rave party for thousands of people for five days

In Italy, near the town of Viterbo, north of Rome, a rave party with thousands of people continues for the fifth day in a row, despite the fact that it has been banned.

This is reported by Italian media, including Ansa and Il Messagero.

The event began on the night of August 13 to 14, it attracted young people from all over Europe. It is not known how many people are there. According to police estimates, it could be as many as 6,500 people.

Police have been on duty for days at the entrance to the festival grounds to keep new people out. Law enforcement officials have asked several times to stop the event, but they have been ignored.

“The situation is out of control, negotiations are impossible. Public order must be restored, these people must be identified and prosecuted for such a gathering,” said regional health advisor Alessio D’Amato.

In addition, the prosecutor’s office of Viterbo has opened an into the death of a 25-year-old boy at a party. The body was found in a body of water where he was reportedly diving.

Police explained that they decided not to resort to forceful intervention because the risks were too high. As the representative commented, this is a large area on private property, we are talking about the crowding of thousands of people in conditions of fire — because of dry grass, and in the case of force dispersal and collisions possible crush or a large fire with human casualties.

According to journalists, some participants had already left in the past few days, at least some of them were identified at the rallies.

Recall that on New Year’s Eve a similar situation occurred in France — where they could not stop an underground party of 2,000 people, organized at the height of the lockdown.

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