Italy awaits official approval of the new government

is awaiting official approval of the new government, which will be headed by the former head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi.

DPA reports.

Draghi, 73, agreed to head the new government at a meeting with President Mattarella on the evening of February 12, ending more than four weeks of political crisis.

Ministries should be headed mainly by politicians, but there are technocrats among the future ministers.

Several key ministers from the days of Giuseppe Conte will remain in the government. Thus, the Italian Foreign Ministry will continue to be headed by Luigi de Mayo, and the Ministry of Health — by Roberto Speranza.

Marta Cartabia, who until September 2020 was President of the Constitutional Court, should become the Minister of Justice. The Ministry of Ecology will come under the control of expert Roberto Chingolani.

We will remind you, the government in lasted from mid-January when one of the partners in the coalition decided to remove several of his ministers from the government.

As a result, Conte had to resign, and negotiations on the political alignment showed that there was not enough support for the new government with his premiership.

On February 3, President Mattarella instructed Mario Draghi to form his future cabinet.

Now, for the official approval of the government, he must receive a majority of votes in both houses of parliament.

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