Italian prosecutor’s office asks Telegram to block antivaccine chat room

Italian prosecutor's office asks Telegram to block antivaccine chat room

Prosecutors in Turin have asked Telegram to block the anti- chat room “Basta Dittatura”.

It was reported by Ansa.

The chat room is used by groups opposed to vaccination against and the use of COVIDcertificates. Among other things, the personal numbers of some officials and doctors to whom they are hostile have been published there.

According to the report, the company has not yet responded to the request. The prosecutor’s office is allowing for the next legal steps if the first one fails.

There have already been cases in Italy of threats to officials, doctors, and others by anti-vaccinators.

Recently, a well-known virologist Matteo Bassetti was approached in the street by a man he did not know and said that the authorities “are going to kill us all with these vaccines, and we are going to make you pay”. One of the protesters against the COVID certificates attacked a La Repubblica cameraman who was covering a protest in Rome under the Ministry of Education. It is also reported that one teacher who spoke out in favor of the use of COVID certificates was sent a letter with a patron.

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