Israeli ship damaged by the explosion in the Gulf of Oman

The owner of the ship, Helios Ray, suggested that the was the result of an Iranian attack.

A cargo ship belonging to Israel was damaged in an that occurred on Friday afternoon while the ship was in the Gulf of Oman. This is reported by the Jerusalem Post on February 26.

It is indicated that we are talking about a ship for the transport of cars Helios Ray, sailing under the flag of the Bahamas. The crew was not injured, and the ship was sent to the nearest port.

According to the MarineTraffic website, the ship was heading for Singapore, but, a little before reaching the Arabian Sea, it set a reverse course towards the Strait of Hormuz.

According to one version, the could have been caused by a sea mine. On the other hand, the ship suffered from a missile strike, because there are holes on both sides above the waterline.

Israeli businessman Rami Ongar, who owns Helios Ray, suggested that the was the result of an Iranian attack.

The U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet said it was monitoring the situation, but declined to comment further.

Earlier, the US authorities expressed their readiness to return to negotiations with on the nuclear deal. The administration of new President Joe Biden is moving to reverse the decision of its predecessors regarding the US withdrawal from the JCPOA agreement in 2018.

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