Israel has offered to hold direct talks with Palestine

Israel has offered to hold direct talks with Palestine

offers to hold direct talks with Palestine. This is the only way to stop the conflict, said the Jewish state’s ambassador to Russia, Alexander Ben Zvi.

According to the diplomat, the only condition of is that the Palestinian groups, including Hamas, stop firing. He believes that they can do more useful things.

“… That they deal with health care, sanitation, education, and so on in Gaza. They sort of run it, don’t they? Let them be engaged in ensuring that the residents of Gaza live well, let them deal with economic issues, and not launch rockets at Israel, “ the Israeli ambassador said.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby has previously noted that Washington supports the Jewish state’s “defense” efforts. At the same time, Israel’s actions were condemned by the countries of the Arab League. The United States, Russia, and the EU called on the parties to resolve the conflict.

and Palestinian groups, including the Hamas movement, have been firing at each other since May 10. As a result of the massive attacks and clashes, at least 200 people were killed, and about 600 more were injured — but in fact, there may be even more victims.

The escalation of the conflict began, among other things, against the background of clashes between Palestinians and Israelis on Jerusalem Day. The date commemorates the expansion of Israeli control over the eastern part of the city as a result of the 1967 Six-Day War. considers Jerusalem its one and indivisible capital. Palestine, on the contrary, calls East Jerusalem occupied territory — this is supported by UN Council resolutions.

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