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Isn’t Paris pressure too high when developing a 5G network?

The tender for frequencies for 5G networks has been launched in France since Tuesday. In this regard, discussions about the opportunities and risks of this newest technology have once again heated up. Greens demanded to suspend 5G network expansion, and President Macron responded with a severe failure. Mass media believe that horses should not be driven away.

Legitimate questions require answers

The debate about 5G technology is being conducted using the wrong rhetoric, — says Le Monde:

“Those who are somehow against this innovation adjoin those who consider discussions about it a waste of time because the benefits of the technology are obvious to everyone. But in both cases, the finale is unproductive: ‘Pass by, there’s nothing to see!’ But it’s quite the opposite: it’s absolutely legitimate to question the impact of 5G on the economy, environment, and technical safety… Transport issues, development of the city of the future, production methods — all these areas can undergo major changes with the help of new technology. But what will it mean for the environment? What benefits will it bring to people who are analyzing their dependence on new technologies? By the way, what about personal data protection guarantees? All these questions need to be answered.

Everything is going too fast!

According to L’Obs, progress is alarming:

“It’s rare that any innovation has received such a strong response. Before, technical progress was synonymous with growth and growth was synonymous with well-being. Both in the camp of the Left and in the camp of the Right, this dogma was most widespread, but with the onset of global warming, such truths are scattered like a house of cards. The world has realized that our economic model leads us straight into a dead-end — replacing reflection with reflexes and putting us to sleep with a ‘technological bluff’, as philosopher Jacques Elleulptly put it. …. If 5G has caused this reaction, it is because it is the embodiment of evil that paralyzes us in the face of climate change. It is a new acceleration factor that encourages us to think carefully about every move.

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