ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombings in Kabul

ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombings in Kabul

The IS terrorist organization has confirmed its responsibility for two explosions and a near the Kabul airport, Sky News reports, citing the group’s Telegram channel.

The Pentagon also blamed IS militants for the August 26 attacks. The military department expects that the group will commit new terrorist acts in Afghanistan.

Earlier in the day, two explosions occurred near the Kabul airport. A terrorist blew himself up near the Baron Hotel, where foreigners stay. The second occurred near the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan.

The victims of the attack were 11 American Marines and a US Navy medic, 15 more servicemen were injured. The Taliban could not name those responsible for the bombings but condemned the attack.

The situation in Afghanistan worsened after the militants of the radical Taliban movement announced the seizure of power in the country and the capture of Kabul on August 15. According to the official representative of the radical movement, it will be possible to leave Afghanistan only until August 31.

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