Irina Shayk with her daughter Leia on a walk in New York

Irina Shayk with her daughter Leia on a walk in New York

In our rapidly changing world, there are still constant things — the walks of 34-year-old Irina Shayk with her daughter Leia, which invariably attracts the attention of reporters. It seems that among the alarming headlines about the pandemic and military conflicts, cute and touching photos of mom and baby are a real psychological relief.

So this time Irina and Leia, for sure, will make you smile. They themselves were clearly in a good mood, and Leia also managed to play with a passerby’s dog on the street — the puppy was happily jumping around the girl.

In public, Irina appeared in a mini-dress with a neckline, high boots, and a leather shirt, which Sheik used as a jacket. Leia was in a smart red dress — according to reporters, Irina took her from dancing classes. Well, the star mom herself at this time, it seems, managed to run to a beauty salon and update her hair tone and styling. She shared the in the chair at the hairdresser in her story.

Waiting for the result of the master’s work, Irina, it seems, managed to rummage through the archive of her phone. She also shared with subscribers an old video with her agent Ali Kavoussi, made back in 2016.

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