Indian police arrest first person under the new cow protection law

A truck driver who was transporting cattle in the state of Karnataka has become the first person in to be arrested under a new ordinance banning the slaughter of cows. This was reported by NDTV on Wednesday, January 13.

According to preliminary reports, the driver was assaulted by unknown assailants who forcibly stopped and searched his truck. As a result, the man was charged with illegally transporting cows and is being treated in the hospital.

It is noted that criminal charges were also filed against the assailants. J.C. Madhuswamy, the state’s justice minister, considers the attack on the driver unacceptable, but he defends the provisions of the Animal Welfare Act.

The law was passed in December 2020. Under it, perpetrators of cattle slaughter can be imprisoned for three to seven years. They also face a fine of $683 to $6833. If a person is found guilty a second time, they could face seven years in prison, and the fine would increase to $1366-13,600.

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