India, 35-year-old actor dies of Covid and leaves a video of complaint

India, 35-year-old actor dies of Covid and leaves a video of complaint: “I would have survived with the right treatment”

He died at the age of 35 from Covid and shortly before he left a video on the complaint on Instagram: it happened to the Indian actor Rahul Vohra, who died in the New Delhi hospital where he was hospitalized since the beginning of May. In the video, he denounced the poor state of public health in the country, devastated by the  and in which hundreds of dead are still cremated every day in open piles.

On he wrote what could be called his epitaph of him: “I would have survived if I had received better care”, which he then concluded by tagging the social page of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

To give the news of the death of her husband was his wife Jyoti Tiwari co post on Instagram: “My Rahul has left us, everyone knows, but no one knows how … I hope my husband gets justice”. She then attached the video her husband made a few hours before he died.

“This (oxygen mask) is extremely valuable right now. Without it, patients become dazed and suffer — says the actor in the film, where he appears with the oxygen mask on his face -. You try to call someone, but nobody comes. They arrive after an hour or even more and you have to manage their absence in some way “.

yesterday recorded 329,942 new cases of and 3,876 victims. CNN reports online, citing data released by the Indian Ministry of Health and underlining that this is the second consecutive day in which the number of new daily cases reported was less than 400,000. To date, 172,633,761 doses of the have been administered in India. With 37,159,467 people receiving the second dose, about 2.85 percent of India’s 1.3 billion people are fully vaccinated, the health ministry said this week.

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